Sunday Night Woes

Growing up, Sunday nights were always the damper on a great weekend. It was always a reminder that you had to head back to school the next day which meant waking up early, homework, and dealing with teachers and tests. 

When everyone else was hating on Sundays, I enjoyed them throughly. I was one of those strange kids who enjoyed school. I loved the routine and structure it gave me, I thrived for that cookie cutter life that school brought. That might be why I dislike the summertime, because with summer comes no time management--you have all day, every day to do whatever you please. 

I live off structure...well I used too. I have dialed back a bit as one of my New Years Resolutions because I felt myself becoming way too uptight.

But right now, it's Sunday night and I am loving it. I'm currently on Spring Break so being snuggled in my bed, watching Sunday night television with my laptop and iPAD is pretty much perfect. Sundays let me unwind from the weekend and get ready for the week ahead.

It's relaxing to know that you have a few more hours of freedom before you give your life up to school and work once more. Sundays are so bittersweet because it allows you to catch up on the work you've put off since Friday afternoon but also gives you that R&R feel where you don't have to worry about anything.

The perfect Sunday for me is one that is semi busy but then relaxing all the way. When you do something productive in the morning and then have the entire day to chill out feels the most rewarding on a Sunday. Get your work done first so you can relax later on.

People may hate Sundays, especially Sunday night but I simply love them.

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