Spring Break To-Dos

As mentioned yesterday, I am currently on Spring Break. I've needed this vacation for weeks now and I'm looking forward to vegetating and taking a REAL break from my life.

Even with the homework I have and the planning I have to do for the rest of the semester, I am taking full advantage of relaxing and recuperating from the past few weeks. 

While I'll be in my house, writing, planning, and applying to internships, there are some fun things that you could do on Spring Break.

-Explore your city

As an NYC girl, I never take advantage of the gorgeous city of Manhattan. I live dangerously close to it where it would take me less than an hour to get there. Some of my best friends attend college in Manhattan and have become full fledged New Yorkers and I've been dying to get my dose of knowledge and adventure. This break I'm definitely taking a day off of resting and heading into the city to explore.

-Start a project

Have you been dying to start up a blog? Or finish that book you had written over the summer? If you're not tanning on a tropical island over your Spring Break, start or finish that project you've been working on. This is a time to just chill out and do what you want to do. Lay in your pajamas all day and get started on something you've been dying to do.


This is always my go-to for a nice, long break. I have a list of books on my iPAD and Nook that I've bee wanting to get my hands on and spring break is the perfect chance to do that. I also love visiting Barnes and Noble on days off.

-Pinterest Projects

Take a look at your pinterest board and head to the craft store! Breaks are the perfect time to do all those crafts and DIY projects you've been pinning for the past few months. Whether it's a homemade hand scrub or peanut butter cookies made with 3 ingredients, get your Pinterest on!

The point is, over spring break, if you aren't on vacation, do something you enjoy. Don't think so much about it because this is your chance to rest and relax before heading into the second half of the spring semester. 

De-stress and catch up on sleep, it's Spring Break :)

How will you spend your spring break?

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