Perfect Pink

It's no secret that I adore the color pink (uh, hello, name of the blog?!). I wish I could live in a pink colored world and I do my best to paint my world a perky pink but pink isn't always the most flattering color.

Pink makeup is especially a huge no-no for me because I feel that it washes me out and doesn't look appealing on me. I would love to rock pink blush or a pink lip, especially now because it's Spring!

Well, my outlook on pink lips has completely changed thanks to the fabulous Maybelline Baby Lips.

My regular peppermint flavored BabyLips lip balm was running low so I made a trip to the drug store to grab another tube. I thought I'd go for a tinted balm to eliminate the middle man of a sticky lip-gloss.

I picked up Baby Lips in Pink Punch and I have never loved a lip product more.

It is nourishing and moisturizing just like regular baby lips but the pink color looks like I'm wearing lipstick. It brightens my face and gives me such a natural glow, I'm obsessed. 

I've gotten so many compliments on it since I bought it so pink lips is working for everyone!

I bought the balm last week and have worn it every single day since. I love the way it looks!

These aren't the greatest pictures, they don't do the lip color justice. There is such a natural look about it but at the same time, it dresses up any look.

I'm obsessed, I cannot get enough and I highly recommend to try it out, even if you think pink lips won't work on you.

Pink lips are no longer off limits!!

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