Forming Your Own Style

My mother is a very stylish woman; she always looks put together and has a great eye when it comes to clothing. My younger sister is exactly the same way; I sometimes look at my sister and wonder what made her put two pieces of an outfit together. My sister definitely has the style gene; me on the other hand, I didn't get so lucky. 

I always chose comfort over style; I never realized that putting an outfit together took a specific eye. I never saw clothes the way other people see them. They were just clothes, nothing special. My motto was (and still is most of the time) is that I would much rather shop for accessories than clothes.

I never knew what my style was. Whenever I would see in a magazine or on television, people asking "what's your style?" I had no answer. I just wore what I liked, I didn't care if it was trending or if it wasn't "nice". If I liked it, I wore it. That was that.

Now, I'm starting to see fashion differently. I am way more in tune to what the new trends are, what's "in", and what looks good together. I've begun to care about fashion and designers. And I've found out that I really enjoy it.

As I got older, I didn't want to be that way. I wanted to be that stylish girl that people couldn't wait to see what I was wearing. I wanted to know that I looked good instead of just wearing what I thought looked nice. I wanted my own personal style. I just didn't know how I would get there.

In a way, I trained myself to pay attention to fashion with just a few easy steps:

-Look at Magazines

I was always a magazine junkie but I started to max out my bank account on Glamour, Cosmo, ELLE, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, the five stars of the fashion magazine industry (in my opinion). I looked at what they were showing and took their style tips. If you want to dress the best, take advice from the disciples of fashion.

-Step outside your comfort zone

I liked what I liked, even if my mom and sister didn't approve. I stuck to what I knew and never looked outside the box. I never tried new styles of clothes and that was the worst thing. If you never try anything new, you'll never change. I started to look at different kinds of clothes and even if I didn't like them, I tried them on and found that it was exactly what I was looking for. You need to look outside your comfort zone if you want to change your style.

-Take advice from others

Go shopping with your friends; ask them for their opinions. I have a few friends that are style icons to me and I envy their trendy eye. I'm constantly asking for their opinions and their style tips. I bombard them with clothes questions and even though I annoy them, it helps a lot. I also rely on my mom and sister. I know they will be completely honest with me and they are two of the most stylish people ever. If you could learn from others, that's the best thing for developing your new style. 

In the end, I still don't have a "personal style", I still like what I like but I have added trendy pieces into my wardrobe and it's paid off. If you want to change your style, it's easy, you just have to stick to it. Incorporate some trendy pieces that scream YOU with some of your favorite comfortable clothes and you'll have your perfect style.

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