Valentines Day

I'm one of those single, cynical people that hate Valentines Day with a strong passion.

I have never had a Valentine and I hate today because it's filled with love and relationships, neither of which I have.

I hate being constantly reminded that I'm surrounded by people in relationships and I just hate today. I'm not afraid to be one of those girls who say that when someone brings up Valentines Day.

I would also be more inclined to like V-Day if I was home and my mom bought me chocolate and a little present but I'm at school and that's not happening.

I understand that Valentines Day doesn't have to be with a significant other, it can be with your friends or family but honestly, that's not what I think of when I think of February 14th.

Either way, I'm wearing black and I'll go to CVS tomorrow to buy a 1/2 priced chocolate heart for myself.

I'll be celebrating today in class, doing homework, and tending to sorority stuff.

I'll be happier once it's Friday and I could go back on my Instagram account without seeing red hearts and all things having to do with love.

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