The Best Tweets of the Superbowl

If you live in America, you pretty much live for Superbowl Sunday. If you don't like football, you probably will just watch the half time show; if you're team isn't playing, you'll watch anyway. If you're an advertisement junkie, you will watch for the $4 million ad spots.

I never watch football--it's not my sport and it never was. I don't pretend to like it but I will watch a few minutes of the Superbowl no matter whose playing.

This year, I can proudly say I watched the entire thing only because my best friend is the Baltimore Raven's biggest fan and I was morally supporting her.

I did also have to watch for the commercials, thanks to my Marketing professor who required a paper on one advertisement.

I'd say it was pretty eventful with Beyonce as the half time performer and the SuperDome blackout that happened mid game.

With all major events nowadays, you don't even have to watch what's going on because of social media; everyone on your twitter feed and Facebook timeline will tell you exactly what you need to know.

We all complain about it but we all do it; it's inevitable that you are going to tweet about what's going on during the big game.

My favorite kind of tweets, though, are the ones where people are all sarcastic and clever about what's happening and last night, between Beyonce and the black out, I was laughing out loud for hours.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from last night:

I could not stop laughing all night!

What were some of your favorite tweets of the night?

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