Sunday Spotlight: Chicago Prepster

Ever since creating this blog back in May, I have been discovering new blogs every day. Checking my favorite blogs has become part of my daily social media routine. I look forward to new posts to see what is happening in other people's lives and to also gain some inspiration.

It's so interesting to see what interests other people and what is important to them. Some may say that I'm nosy but if it's online, it's for the world to see, isn't it?

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Chicago Prepster.

I relate so much to Carly: she's in a sorority, on the executive board, a PR major, and just seems like an all around down to earth girl.

She is an incredible writer and her posts are so real, she writes about her life and things that relate to college girls everywhere. 

I love checking her blog everyday and keeping up with her on twitter and instagram. Carly always has great giveaways and it goes to show you how much of a "business" woman she is. Her relationship with companies, big and small, is something that I strive for. 

I also respect Carly for all she does because like I said, I relate to her and I know how difficult it is to be so busy with school, work, a sorority, and a social life and run a blog at the same time. 

Chicago Prepster is one of the best blogs I've read and every time I read it, I feel inspired. Those are the best kinds of blogs, the ones that inspire you to do better and write better. 

If you haven't been following Chicago Prepster, I advise you to do so.

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