Lets Play Dress Up, Oscar Style

Last night was the biggest night in Hollywood, The Academy Awards.

As a huge entertainment buff, this is my favorite night of the year. Yeah, the other award shows are great to watch and talk about but all of January and February lead up to this huge night.

I care only slightly about who wins, and that's if one of my favorite actors or actresses are nominated. Other than that, I just want to see what everyone is wearing! Oscar fashions are some of the historic dresses and get ups Hollywood has ever seen.

We all remember Halle Berry's sheer dress or Julia Robert's black dress...Oscar fashion is the best.

This year, in my opinion, there was no one that had me drooling over their dress. I liked the dresses, no one was a huge fashion DON'T, but I really just didn't care for any of the dresses.

No actress wowed me; I wasn't repulsed by any of the dresses. It was average, nothing truly worth remembering in my humble opinion.

Here are my favorites:

Amy Adams

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Lawerence

Salema Hayek

The only two dresses that I feel are going to stand out amongst the rest and be talked about tomorrow are Jennifer Lawerence and Amy Adams. Those are Oscar dresses while the rest can be worn at any awards show.

What were your favorite Oscar dresses? 

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