Love for Lace

I'm not one for trends or buying trendy clothes. I like classic items that make me feel comfortable and will always be in style.

I do give into some trends and one of my favorites is lace. I love lace and I have for quite a while! I've realized over the past few years, lace has been appearing in all my favorite store windows, on the runway, and even on Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding dress.

Lace to me is something classic and timeless, even though it could be a trend. It's fun, flirty, and looks very sleek. When I look at someone wearing lace, I always think they look clean and put together. Wearing lace shouldn't be taboo, if you style it correctly, lace can be very sophisticated.

Lace shirts are my absolute favorite! There are so many different styles and types of lace, from dressy shirts that are fully see through or sweaters with some lace detail that can be worn during the day.

Love for Lace

By Malene Birger short sleeve shirt / Lace top, $64 / Planet sheer shirt, $46 / 
Just Female lace top, $61 / Oasis lace shirt, $24 / Club L tall shirt, $11


Robert Rodriguez strapless lace cocktail dress / River Island party dress, $51 / 
Print dress / Jessica Simpson shoes / ASOS platform heels
Chinese Laundry flat shoes / Diane von Furstenberg / Apt. 9

I definitely have more than one lace shirt in my wardrobe and every time 
I wear them, I feel so girly and dressy, it's great! 

If you have a laceless wardrobe, spend your next shopping trip trying to find 
the perfect lace shirt and slowly work other lace items into your wardrobe, 
you will not regret it!


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