It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

-To be so overworked and just want to sleep every hour of every day (it's really not okay but I'm telling myself that)

-To be so excited for recruitment next week! New Phi Sig babies..woo!

-To need a major break from school and it's only the third week

-To not mind having such busy days since I'm doing what I love

-To stress about a class where you think the teacher doesn't like you

-To have to talk to someone other than friends or family about your problems

-To feel super guilty for being behind on blog posts :(

-To be happy when someone tells you they enjoy reading what you write!

-To be nervous that you aren't doing enough for one particular part of your life

-To just want to go out and have a kickass night with your friends!

I realized these were all school/work related, which I also think is okay!

What's okay with you on this lovely Thursday?

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