Bye New York, Hello Washington

Today I'm heading down to Washington DC for my sorority's national leadership conference. 

Being Vice President of my chapter, myself along with a few other members of the executive board and leaving NYC for the weekend and going to learn more about our sorority and how to improve it.

I've heard nothing but great things about Leadership Conference so I'm pretty excited. There are going to be sisters from all over the country there and it's going to be one big Phi Sig filled weekend, which is basically my dream come true!

Between learning more about my position, learning how to improve our chapter, and being surrounded by sisters I never met before, it's going to be such a great experience.

I've heard amazing things from older sisters who have went in the past and they say it changed the way they looked at our chapter and the sorority in general--you appreciate it so much more.

I'm really excited but at the same time kind of nervous because this is the first time I'm going to be on a plane without my parents and I don't know what to expect for the whole weekend.

It was really difficult packing and figuring out what was allowed on the plane and what isn't. I was kind of stressed with the entire situation all week.

Then I thought that I came to school all by myself, knew not a single soul, and I'm perfectly fine. I'm more than fine.

I've learned that no matter how stressed you get or no matter how much you think things are going to turn out in a negative way, you need to remember all your accomplishments and realize that you got there all on your own.

I just can't let my anxiety take over and ruin a weekend that I'm sure will change me.


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