Back to School

Yesterday I got back to school, as a second semester Junior. It's a new year, new classes, a fresh start in an odd way.

The second semester is longer, spring time is around the corner, and you are one step closer to the summer. To me, the second semester is more fun because even though you have new classes and a new schedule, you're all settled in. The second semester also scares me because it means that it's one less semester before graduation.

I have three semesters left of college and the thought of that scares me. It makes me sick so I would rather not dwell on it. I don't even want to talk about it.

I'm so excited to get back to school after this pleasant winter break. I did everything I wanted to do, which doesn't happen very often. I relaxed, A LOT. It was all I did and I am so thankful to have that down time because I'm definitely going to have a super busy spring semester.

There are so many exciting things that are happening: being Vice Archon, Spring Recruitment, more blogging, being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, a brand new internship (YEEPPPP), and enjoying the rest of my Junior year with my roommates, sisters, and friends. 

I vowed at the beginning of 2013 to have more fun, let loose, and not over work or over plan. I'm going to do my best to stick with that plan and make this my best semester yet!

I hope you all had a great winter break and will have a successful and exciting Spring semester :)

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