Finally Home!

I have completed my first semester of Junior Year and it is so bittersweet. 

I am so happy to finally be home and have nothing to worry about for a little more than three weeks. I am so relieved to be done with finals and school work, to just relax on my couch and watch television.

It was a rough semester, work wise; I had a lot of papers and tedious homework. I had a tough time adjusting to my schedule because it consisted of a lot of meetings and running around all day.

That's the bad side but the good side is that this semester I really felt comfortable in my school; I finally felt like this was my home and everything just clicked.

I made a lot more friends outside my sorority, had a great time, became Vice Archon of Phi Sig, got my perfect little--it was perfect, socially.

That's why I'm sad to leave this semester behind; I have three more semesters left at college and then launching myself into the real world.

That is the scariest thought ever...that I am more than halfway done with college. I don't feel ready at all for the real world outside of school; school is all I have ever known. I can't imagine not going to class every day or living back at home without roommates to talk to till 3am.

I don't want to focus too much on that now but the days are coming to an end and sooner or later, I will have to face the true facts...I'm becoming an adult.

Ugh, I get the chills just thinking about that.

But for now, I will sit by my Christmas tree, drink Starbucks, and watch all the movies and television shows I haven't watched all semester!

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