It's Okay Thursday

This has been a long week...hell, it's been a long two weeks with the Hurricane and now this snow storm.

It's okay....

-To be obnoxiously excited about the snow outside !!!!

-To be nervous about sorority elections next week

-To want to help out with the hurricane relief but not know how

-To enjoy a nice cup of tea before class

-To hit the snooze button

-To want a Starbucks drink more than anything in the world

-To get four packages at the mailroom at once (whoops!)

-To have $2 in your bank account and be freaking out about it

-That I want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas break doing Pinterest crafts

-To be a little selfish sometimes

It's one day closer to Friday so be happy everyone! Happy Thursday :)


  1. Found you on the link up. Now following.
    I completely understand about wanting to help and not knowing what to do. It's heart breaking.


    1. It really is but no matter what, every little bit helps !

  2. I too would be so excited for snow!!! So fun!

    1. Definitely so much fun! I hate that it all melted away so quickly!