Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. Name four jobs you've had in your lifetime: Cashier at my dad's pizzeria, dance teacher's assistant, sales associate at Bath and Body Works, and this past summer I worked at a frozen yogurt shop

2. Name four movies you could watch over and over: GREASE, The Breakfast Club, Harry Potter, and Breakfast at Tiffanys

3. Name four places you have lived: Brooklyn, Queens, New Rochelle, and that is it...I've lived in five houses in Queens though

4. Name four of your favorite foods: Pizza, pasta, crabs, chocolate

5. Name four things you always carry with you: iPHONE, lipgloss/balm, wallet, keys

6. Name four places you've traveled too: Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida... I've literally never been anywhere else. I have such a bad case of wanderlust

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  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has lived in the same state always.

    new follower via Sunday Social