Being away at college is a completely different experience than staying home, living in your parents house and commuting. 

I will always persuade people to go away to college because it'll be the best four years of your life.

Nonetheless, being away at school is not just partying and living on your own; you still need to attend class and be a prepared student.

Aside from the typical dorm supplies such as mattress pads, bins, shoe racks, and an adorable comforter, I still love having all the great essentials needed for class.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Planner
I've expressed my love for this planner more than once. It's amazing
and it keeps me CRAZY organized. I'm in love!

2. Maybooks
Another thing I've gone overboard with talking about. I always feel the 
need to have at least one extra notebook on hand at all times.
I have an excessive problem of making lists and sometimes
you just need more room to write other things; Maybooks
is perfect for that.

3. Vera Bradley Tote Bag
I have a bag problem; I would much rather spend money
on a good bag or tote than clothes any day.
My Vera tote is PERFECT for school; not too big,
not too small and they come in so many different
styles and patterns. Plus, because of the fabric it's made with, the straps
don't hurt your shoulders. I LOVE my Vera bag!

4. Eco Friendly Cup
I like bringing coffee or water with me to class and my Lilly Pulitzer
eco cup is great. I had a smaller one last year but I drink
so much water, I just had to keep refilling it. The Lilly cup
is so pretty in Navy Bloomers and a lot bigger than most

5. Vera Bradley Laptop Case
If you don't have a laptop case to protect your precious baby, you
are stupid. Seriously, it's necessary to have a good laptop case to carry 
your laptop around campus in. Vera's cases are cute, pretty big, and
a great material. Basically anything from Vera is a A+ in my book.

6. ID Carded Wristlet
This is #1 in my book; all I carry on campus is my Lilly Pulitzer
Wristlet. I don't carry a bag (unless I'm headed to class) or a wallet, this is all you need.
It fits your phone, ID, cash, and credit cards, even a slot for a little lipgloss.
It's awesome!

Aside from these essentials, a great pencil pouch, a tiny makeup bag, and the typical stuff 
like pens, notebooks, and a great binder.

These things will keep you more organized and ensure that you'll 
have a great year. 

Busy Bee!

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It's the start of the semester and I've never been so stressed in my life. I'm taking on a lot this semester; my first executive board decision, a few more major classes, writing for the school newspaper, and getting even more involved in my sorority.

I'm still not settled into my room, we're still trying to make it feel like home and get everything together.

There are just so many things to do and so little time; I want to just be adjusted and be in the flow of things.

Plus, I'm trying to see all my sisters and other friends and be social so it's a lot. 

The beginning of the year has never been this hectic for me so it's a lot to adjust too.

There are so many wonderful things this year is going to bring me and
I want to enjoy every second of it.

My college career is half way done and I don't want to waste a second.

College is the best four years of your life, without a doubt, and there are so 
many things to get involved in and enjoy.

To all you college freshmen out there, don't waste your freshmen year
being homesick and being anti-social.

I know it's scary living on your own and making friends the old fashioned way
but go out and try new things; don't be shy, step outside your comfort
zone and make the most of every moment.

College is where you grow up and find out who you truly are.

Live without regrets and go out and have a good time.

It's never too late to become who you want to be.

On that note, I need to get back to writing a newspaper article
and reading all about Copyediting but look out because I have some college
related posts coming up soon, hopefully.


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I start my Junior Year at Iona College on Monday and I could not be more excited!

It's so different being a junior; everything isn't new and fresh but you still get that same back to school excitement. It's a great feeling knowing that you're going back to campus where you know the teachers, the lay of the land, and have all your friends.

There is no adjusting period, you jump right into it and that could be very exciting or very stressful.

I have a mixture of both.

I'm going back with a new e-board position on my school's Council for Greek Governance; I'm the Vice President of Communications and I could not be happier. I've always wanted to get involved and this is the perfect way.

I love Greek Life; I think it's the best decision someone could ever make and I will continue to uphold the values of not only Phi Sigma Sigma but of what it means to be a Greek.

With that new e-board position comes MORE responsibilities and more events and more things to put on my To Do list.

I'm also on my school's newspaper so that's another thing; I have a job in Residential Life and not to mention the daily task of classes and chapter meetings.

I just looked at my email and I already have a quiz in one of my classes on Thursday so obviously I'm stressing.

School didn't even start yet and there's already a million things to do. In the midst of all this, sometimes you forget what it means to be on your own, away at college, with the world at your fingertips.

My big (big sister in a sorority) gave me some great advice today. She told me to never use the word no; say yes to all new experiences and just live life because you will never remember the papers you wrote but will always remember the nights and the people you shared laughs with.

Yes, college is a time where you need to lay down the law and get an education and focus on your work but you can't forget to have some fun at the same time.

That's going to be my motto this year; I'm not much of a risk taker and I need to learn how to say "yes" more. I need to step outside my comfort zone.

Everyone needs to step away from the stress and say yes once in a while.

Passionate Leader

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On Tuesday I embarked on a leadership retreat that my college was sponsoring for all student leaders in the upcoming academic year.

They hold the retreat at a campsite in Pennsylvania every year and this year, since I was on the Greek Governing E-Board at my college, I got to go!

It was truly a wonderful experience where I learned SO much about myself and what type of leader I am but also learned a lot more about my peers, their personalities, and the organizations they belong to on campus.

I was there with a few of my sisters, a select few other members of Greek life, and a lot of familiar faces I've seen on campus. I definitely bonded with a lot more people outside Greek life between rope courses and leadership seminars and activities, it was great.

It got me thinking about my leadership role this year and in life; it made me see things a bit differently. I've always had a bit of a drive inside of me to be a leader but I never knew where to start.

Greek Life has given me that opportunity and I'm so grateful for the experience that I had this week and the experience that I will have this year serving on my first executive board ever!

Greek Life is a WONDERFUL thing; it has changed my life completely and I know it will continue to change my life for years to come.

Being a leader, a leader of any type is a gift and maybe it's not for everyone but everyone is a different person with a different personality and will be a different leader but if you like what you're doing, it doesn't matter your role, just do what you love and what you're passionate about.


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I mentioned before that I ordered a Kate Spade iphone case off Amazon and it finally arrived!

I love it, its so adorable and seema pretty durable.

I love the old fashioned look and feel to it. I think its great that it covers the entire phone for added protection.

And it's just pretty, the packaging is adorable.

Kate Spade always gets it right

Quotes of the Day

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I have now entered the rest of the human race and got my first iPHONE yesterday! I am now the proud owner of a beautiful white iPHONE 4S.

I've been playing around with it since I turned it on yesterday and haven't stopped yet! I've never loved a phone so much and I'm a HUGE technology junkie.

I think my favorite part about the phone(besides the phone itself) are the gorgeous cases that EVERYONE makes!

I should focus on purchasing a case that protects my beloved phone but the designer ones are just TOO cute. I can't help it!

I've already purchased this lovely Kate Spade case from Amazon (because the prices are just too good to pass up).

I love the old fashioned feel of it; it's adorable!

I think it's safe to say that Kate Spade has the best iPHONE cases.

Those two are from and I have truly fallen in love with the Paris case.

Another gorgeous Kate Spade case:

 This Juicy Couture Case is my next purchase, without a doubt:

How could I talk about iPHONE cases without mentioning 
the lovely Lilly Pulitzer. I LOVE this case in "See You Later".

These are some of my favorite iPHONE cases that I've
seen but there is SO much out there.

I can't wait to explore the lovely accessories designers have to offer!

Birchbox Love!

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I've blogged about my love for Birchbox before and it just keeps getting better!

This month's theme of the Birchbox was none other than Back to School; it's such a pleasure and treat to receive beauty samples and get a little gift every month.

I am always so pleased with everything I get in the Birchbox, even if I've never thought of using the product.

That's what's great about this; it has introduced me to so many new products and companies. I love it!

This month I received:

This razor was this month's Birchbox Find and I was pleasantly surprised.
I already have a razor I love (Venus SeaBreeze) and I'm not too fond
of using shaving creme so I gave this to my mom and she LOVES it.
She said it was the best razor she has ever used and left her legs
smoother than ever! 

THE.BEST.MASCRA.EVER. I don't do HIGH END makeup; I like
my Maybelline Pink and Green Mascara because my eyelashes
are already really long and it's just perfect for me but this Perf-ekt is
truly amazing. The sample size that I got was really tiny 
but I don't care. The masacra goes on really
smooth with no clumps and really defines your lashes.
It brightens and opens your eyes right up. So worth it!

Juicy Couture perfume is usually a little too sweet
for my taste but this scent hits the spot. I sprayed
it on as soon as I got my Birchbox and fell in love.
It has a sweet, floral scent but not overly strong. 
I honestly think I might put this on my Christmas list and add
it to my long list of perfumes. 

My Birchbox came with two tiny samples of this hand soap and 
I really love them. I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands
and this soap really leaves your hands with 
that true clean and soft feeling.

This is SUCH a great face cleanser; it's the perfect combination of foam and clean
and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth! The sample size is a bit
small but it's great for a first try. 

I think Birchbox is such a great company and for only $10, you get so much!

I've been on a shopping kick lately thanks to my summer paycheck but I need to calm down.

I have been though, I haven't been ordering too much stuff because I realized I have a problem but that doesn't go without saying that I needed to get my last bit of shopping out before school starts.

Back to school shopping is my favorite and like I mentioned previously, I bought the Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in Dirty Shirley earlier this summer and thought that I needed a little something extra to make the school year better.

Therefore, I ordered the Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Pouch in Dirty Shirley (I love nothing more than matching items) from the Giltzy Glam website. Disclaimer: THIS IS A DANGEROUS WEBSITE. It has EVERYTHING you could ever want and it's just amazing. I'm in love.

It has wonderful products and great shipping options. Also, I placed the order Friday night and I got it today. I love fast shipping!

The pencil pouch is PERFECT. I thought it was going to be a little small but looks can be deciving. The inside is actually pretty roomy and I have no doubts that it'll be able to fit my many pens, pencils, and highlighters. 

Another great company I've learned of over the past few months is Dogeared Jewelry. They have incredibly beautiful jewelry fit with different messages. I think that's my favorite part about this company; all their jewelry means something; luck, karma, wishes.

We all need a little hope, faith, or inspiration and what better way to get that than through a bracelet or necklace!

They are having a HUGE summer sale with anywhere from 40-75% off. I saw that as a perfect opportunity to purchase something from them.

I chose the Lucky Bamboo "Make a Wish" necklace and I love it! I really like the message that it comes with, "Bamboo brings prosperity and good fortune. Embrace the luck you already possess and watch it grow."

Everyone could always use some extra luck in their lives so I thought this was perfect. I can't wait to start wearing it!

Target is Dangerous

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I love Target...but who doesn't?

It has everything you do and don't need. Please show me a person who has walked into Target and never walked out without purchasing something? It has EVERYTHING!

That's why whenever I go, it's really dangerous and not good for my bank account.

It's approaching the end of August which means that I'm heading back to school so I had to go school supply/dorm shopping. What place is better than Target for all your dorm needs?

I got the necessary things like a comforter and sheets and notebooks and all that good stuff but it wouldn't be a Target trip if I didn't get something I really didn't need.

That's why I bought some stationary, a really cute shirt, and a pair of yoga pants.

I saw this shirt and just HAD to have it! It's adorable and really "in" right now between the high collar, the polka dots, and the crop like style. It looks really nice on and is a great silky material. Plus, it was only $17.

I've been meaning to buy some blank notecards to just have around incase I ever get 
the strong urge to write a letter to someone. I've been looking around
for the perfect set but everything is too expensive and I can't justify
spending a lot of money on paper goods.

That's why Target is the best! I found these adorable notecards on sale for $3.00.
They're just blank notecards but I love the city skyline on the front, SO CUTE!

I can't wait to use them!

Also, I just got a plain black pair of yoga pants for $15; such a steal!

Target is just the best, you can never go wrong!

I have a sick love for Taylor Swift; her songs are the soundtrack to my life and everything she does, turns to gold.

I think she is really talented and has song writing abilities like no one else. I feel like she has gone into every teenage girl's brain and taken what we want to say, what we feel, and what we've gone through and put it into a song.

That's why when I heard last night that she announced her new album, "Red" being released on October 22nd I freaked out!

There are 16 songs on the album and I just cannot wait to hear them all!

Also, because that wasn't enough, she released her new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and it became the fastest selling song in iTUNES history. 

It's a pretty catchy song but a lot of people really don't like it because it's not Taylor's typical music sound. 

I really don't care what other people think because I think it's wonderful.

Take a listen!

Julep Maven

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have an obsession with nail polish.

I have also discovered my love for monthly beauty boxes, such as Birchbox.

Now I can combine my two loves when I stumbled upon Julep Maven; a monthly beauty box where you sign up for $19.99 a month and receive two nail polishes among a few other goodies.

When you initially sign up, you take a quiz which determines which kind of maven you are. I got "American Beauty" and in my "intro box", I received two lovely shades of polish with a pedi creme.

The colors I received were "Eva" which is a beautiful raspberry color, similar to "Watermelon" by Essie, and "Renee", a lavender color.

I've been searching high and low for the perfect Lavender nail polish and I found it; it's amazing!

The quality of the polish is truly wonderful; it goes on smooth and I've noticed that chipping is to a minimum, which is something very hard to come by.

I really like this company and can't wait to get my next box!

Since I joined my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma in October 2011, I've discovered my love for all things Lilly Pulitzer.

I don't know if it's because I'm in a sorority but I just ADORE Lilly.

My budget is tight so I don't own any Lilly clothing but I have accessories galore! I'm more of an accessories girl anyway...I love a good wallet, bag, or bracelet more than any item of clothing.

Freshmen year of college I discovered that carrying around a bag everywhere I went when I didn't need  it for my books was kind of pointless. I didn't need as many things as I do when I'm at home so I invested in a great Vera Bradley "All in One Wristlet".

I've had it for two years now and using it everyday for two years has definitely worn it down. It's still in pretty great shape but I'm up for a change so when I saw that Lilly had the same type of item, I knew I had to have it.

I recently ordered the Lilly Pulitzer "Carded ID Wristlet" in the "Bright Navy Gimme a Kiss" print. It's not currently on the site in that print but they still have other wonderful choices.

I've ordered a few other things from the Lilly website and I'm always impressed at their incredible service. I placed the order on August 3rd and received it on August 6th.

I've never had something ship so fast!

Lilly Pultizer. com also gives you the option for Free Shipping, which is ALWAYS  a plus in my book.

The wristlet is gorgeous and a bit bigger than my Vera Bradley one. It's a really nice material and I know it'll be able to fit my cellphone, IDs, money, and room keys nicely.

The Lilly wristlet and Vera Bradley wristlet are around the same price so it's just a matter of pure taste at that point.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, these all in one wristlets are essential for your college career.

Online shopping is my addiction but frankly, a college student's salary just doesn't support the purchases I want.

This summer I rediscovered the lovely Kate Spade and just fell in love with everything she puts out. I can't really afford everything I want from the website but I can fantasize, can't I?

Here are a few of my over the budget favorites!

Aren't these accessories just perfect? I always have been and always will be an accessories
gal. I love a good bag, wallet, or bracelet. That's why these items are on my wish list.

My mom will surely see some of these on my Christmas and Birthday lists.

If you haven't noticed, monograms are taking over the world! Everywhere I look, I see another monogrammed product!

In truth though, you can really monogram anything and everything; I have truly caught onto the obsession.

When I noticed the trend a few weeks back, I immediately needed a monogrammed SOMETHING and came across this fabulous site SwellCaroline which has beautiful jewelry and some wonderful monogrammed products.

I thought they had the best deal for an acrylic monogrammed necklace so I purchased it, a small acrylic monogrammed necklace in Ivory with a sterling silver chain. I thought it was a reasonable price and I really wanted it so I treated myself.

The necklace arrived about a month and a half later because of the personalization of it but it was well worth the wait! I've worn it to death by now and I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on it.

I'm so thrilled with the purchase!

More monogrammed I've spoken about this wonderful company before and my thoughts still stand.

The quality of their notebooks is incredible and the customization is on point.

When shopping for a notebook from Maybooks, you can put your trusty monogram on the cover in two different styles of script.

Having these eco friendly, gorgeous notebooks at my side are going to make my school year A LOT better.

I've found some other amazing monogrammed products that are on my wish list.

DKM Accessories is another great site with beautiful jewelry that I've fallen in love with. They have this gorgeous monogrammed bracelet. It's a bit above my price range but I'm putting it on my Christmas List because it's too beautiful and perfect to not have on my wrist.

Also on DKM, they have a great stretch monogrammed ring. It's a pretty good price and I've seen other people review it and it seems to have great quality. This is another thing on my wish list.

Finally, what phone isn't complete without a monogrammed phone case? I am patiently awaiting a purchase of an iPHONE (which will hopefully be coming within the next three weeks) and one of the first things I'll do is order a monogrammed phone case!

I found this adorable website, Three Hip Chicks which is a great preppy website for all your prepster purchases.

They have a GREAT selection of phone cases; there are so many choices to choose from and the prices are definitely within a reasonable price range.

Monograms are a classic "trend" that are never going to stray far away. Monograms seem to be here to stay.