Krazy for Kate

This past summer I've developed a love for all things preppy and have been impulsively buying preppy purchases online since I got home from college.

Kate Spade is the definition of preppy to me (next to Lilly of course). I am on a tight budget but I love everything Kate so one night at 2am I find out that Kate Spade is having a huge sale and I need to buy something.

I love accessories and I would much rather spend money on accessories than clothes; I have no idea why though.

After much deliberating I decided to buy the Kate Spade Large Flat Pouch. I thought it could be used in versatile ways, as a makeup bag, a clutch, or even fill it with knick knacks and throw it in your tote/pocketbook.

Also, the design is adorable! It's a map of Manhattan and being a NYC girl, how could I resist?

I ordered it and it was a STEAL; usually it's $75 and I got it on sale, with shipping & tax, it cost around $31.

That's bargin hunting, people.

I replaced my small Too Faced makeup bag that I used in my bags with this and just throw everything in there to make my handbag a little more organized.

It is kind of large but I love it; you could even use it as a handbag, throw your cellphone, keys, and money in there and be set.

It's really well made, the quality is great, and I am just in love with it!

Kate Spade is a wonderful company with great, timeless pieces and I really hope to buy more Kate Spade stuff in the future!

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